I love my Misurina Tee

Do you plan your summer wardrobe out? I have to admit that I do. I get tired of some of the items from the previous summer, so I spice things up a little. 

I am a true participant of slow fashion. So, in staying with my slow fashioned ways I plan out tees and shawls to knit up for the summer months.  

One of those sweater-like tees was the Love Note Sweater which you can find here.  Another one that I have on queue is the Marettimo and Soldotna sweater tees.  Right now I am working on the Misurina tee.  Love, love, love!  

I will say that the color work does take a bit of time and you have to make sure your floats don’t have far to swim.  I would highly recommend this sweater for the intermediate knitter.  A second one is definitely on queue after my other tees are done.

The pattern gives you 2 options for the texture of the body.  Of course, you can go with plain stockinette stitch, but I went with little pops of purl texture. The other option creates eyelets and makes the tee even more feminine, but  I didn’t want to worry about wearing a camisole underneath.  

As you can see, I went with yellow.  Yellow isn’t a color that I wear often, but I am slowly introducing it into my wardrobe now that  I found the right yellow.  This is our evening primrose and the color work is done in Do It Again

Another fun knit tee ready to be worn this summer.  

Would I knit this up again?  Yes, I would in a heartbeat.  I have been planning out other colorways to be used for this pattern.  I can’t wait to share, but first I have to work on my ongoing projects and ones in queue.  

I feel that you completely “get me” when it comes to those projects. Lol!

Happy Yarning,


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