My Lovenote Sweater

Have you ever worked with mohair? Oh my gosh! Let me tell you….  It is so much fun to knit up something with mohair.  It feels like a cloud. 

I have been itching to work with mohair and the first pattern that my knitting friends suggested to me was the “Love Note Sweater” by Tin Can Knits.  I immediately went and purchased the pattern and held it in queue for a year.  I knew it was time to pull this baby out of the lineup. I chose one of my favorite purples, aubergine. (This is the link to my aubergine mohair)

I had at least 10 projects that I needed to finish up before I made my way to this one. I finished at least 3 of them.  I couldn’t wait any longer.  I had to knit this new project.  

To say that this is a great pattern is an understatement.  I loved every step of it.  I was able to knit it up in 4 days.  Yes, you heard me correctly - 4 days.  There was not one dull moment.  I enjoyed the feeling of the mohair and sock yarn in my hands.  

The only thing I would suggest is use knitting needles that are pointed at the end.  My go to needles are Addi Turbo.  It will literally drive you nuts to use dull needles. 

Here is the link to the pattern. Love Note Sweater.

Happy Knitting,




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