Core Values

Fiber Therapy

If I had my way, everyone would be knitting, crocheting or playing with fiber in some way.  I believe that playing with fiber and acquiring a huge stash helps alleviate depress and bump starts people to get their life back.

Yes, that sounds like a huge task, but I believe that yarn is therapy.

I have used knitting and crocheting to help me through tough times and dark moments.

My Mission

To provide beautiful yarn that seeks to provide the knitter with the best representation of themselves.  That when they make their sweater, scarf, fingerless mitts and other accessories the yarn says,"This is me.  This is my style."

Serving Others

I feel one of my greatest purposes in life to do is to serve others.  Because yarn is therapy, I want to pair people up with yarn that speaks to the core of who they are.  

I also want to help people overcome knitting obstacles and help them with their projects.  There is nothing like a community of knitters, crocheters and spinners who help them through their projects.   

Everyone wants to see everyone finish well.  It's a drive we all possess to help each other out.

No Discrimination

Discrimination doesn't thrive hear.  We will not stand for discrimination and the gossip and emotional rollercoasters that go along with it.  That includes, but not limited to, race, religion, politics, or any subject that causes strife amongst the fiber community.  

We are here to help one another, not hinder.

Happy Yarning,