Our Story

I am a sheep farmer. a knitter, indie dyer who loves every aspect of the process down to paying my kiddos to clean fleece.

My Journey was not a straight line.

Ever since high school I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian and farmer. At that time I wanted to take care of my own milkers (milking cows) and horses.  Sheep wasn't a blip on my radar.

My first introduction to sheep.

My first real interaction with sheep was at the Penn State beef/sheep center.  I worked there a couple of semesters.  I was majoring in Dairy and Animal Science production management, so there was a heavy lean on beef cows and horses.  My teachers would all call sheep range maggots. 

Even when I graduated college I didn't have any idea that I would be involved with raising sheep.

My Knitting Background

My grandma passed crocheting and knitting onto me since I was 7.  I was taught to spin fiber when I went to summer Bible school.  They armed us with a stick, potato and fiber.  I won the award for spinning the longest yarn.  

I kept knitting and crocheting all through high school and college.  After college I had a brilliant idea to spin my own yarn by raising my own animal.  I started small with an angora rabbit.  I pulled, spun and knit and a 100% angora scarf for my mom.  

After the experience I felt that a rabbit was too high maintenance for me.  I had 3 kids and a horse at the time.  I retired my angora rabbit idea.

Opened  Doors 

Some years after that I was newly married with a wonderful hubby who believed in me.  

I couldn't shake wanting to get back into spinning.  I just couldn't get back into rabbits.  

I approached him with the idea of raising sheep for wool.  He asked to see if there are dual purpose breeds.  That is how we came upon Coopworth.  They are great for both and also great moms. 

I took my romanticized view of farming and ran off to West Virginia and bought my first started flock.  I have not turned back.  Actually it's grown into creating farm raised wool and indie dying yarn bases.  

Love for Color

I have a love for color.  Color in everything I do.  So, when I got into dyeing yarn the creative flood gates opened for me.  Yarn is my blank canvas and dye is my paint.  

Happy Yarning,