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Hand Dyed Yarns

Bringing out the creative you


I can’t believe you dyed these skeins so fast. Shipping was very quick. I was expecting these to arrive next week. Thank you for working on getting the order out so fast.

Donesia Margolis

Beautiful sock yarn! Looking forward to knitting with this. Dawn provides excellent customer service too!

A. Galloway

This gift (yarn) made my mom so happy she loved the quality.

Elizabeth Peteya

Beautiful and soft! This yarn is so gorgeous and has a nice, light shine on it too. Very pretty and soft. I was able to get two ankle men's socks put of one skein!

Logan Danielle

Very knowledgeable, and inspiring; beautiful yarns, love the wool from her sheep!


Marilou Dailey

My Journey Into Sheep Farming Wasn't a Straight Line

My love for yarn started when I was 7 with my grandmother.  She had the biggest stash I have ever seen.  After my dad left for the Air Force his room turned into a stash room.

That part was the easy part.

Becoming a sheep farmer was a different story.  

I started a job working at the PSU beef/sheep center on the sheep side.  My first day on the job required me to feed 7 huge rams on farm 5.  A co-worker drove me and out told me to give them a bale.  I was like "WHAAT".  This guy was a bigger and stronger than me.  He has dealt with the rams before and he is asking me to go in on my first day.  UGH! So, I went in with my back against the fence making the bale of hay my barrier between me and those rams.  I quickly cut the bale and made a beeline to the fence.  I escaped unscathed.  

You would think that would have stamped within me a love for sheep.  But 20 years after that job, I couldn't deny my love for sheep and farming.