Our Last Ewe

Normally lambing ends the the middle of March, but this girl is hung until April 7.  Eunice is a first time mama that birthed a little girl, Heidi, at 7 lbs. and a little boy, Howard, at 8 lbs.  

We thought for sure she was only due with 1 lamb, but surprised us towards the end of her pregnancy by getting remarkably bigger at the end.

 As a first time mom, it's always hard to say how they will behave towards their baby or in this case 2 babies.  She took to mothering like an experienced gal and completely took over the job.  We didn't have to intervene except to make sure she was producing milk, weighting lambs, and iodining their navals. 

I know this picture is a bit blurry, but I couldn't resist. The little one is looking for his mama's teat and is completely going in the wrong direction. 

They are so adorable with the most expressive eyes.

Happy Yarning,