Check Out our Little Lambs

Lambing season is in full swing on our little farm.  This is the time where the farm comes alive with fresh, new life.  The barn is active with bouncing little lambs who are nothing be ears and legs.  The legs I understand, but I don't quite understand the ears.

This past year I decided to only breed 3 ewes.  Normally I would breed our whole lot which is around 11, but I sense I needed to cut back.  

My plan was in place and 2 ewes lambed their cute babies.  One was still in queue.  Everything was going pretty smooth until I sheared 2 of my older gals.  They seemed a little more plump than normal.  I figured that I was over feeding them a bit, so I rationed there meals a bit.  A couple weeks later they were bagging up. 


Yup!  What I wasn't told is that the ram got out for a little splurge and was in with my girls and there is the result.

None the less.  We are so tickled for all the little lambs.  Also, all the mamas are doing well. 

This is our year of H's.  We have a Herb, Hoover, Hulslander, Hood, and Hensley so far.

We are still waiting on our last mama.  She will be a first timer. 

Happy Yarning,