We Can't Wait to See You

How have you been doing?  

This quarantine has actually been good for us as a family.  Yes, the restrictions are difficult to follow especially when you are allowed so many freedoms, but given the circumstance this is the way to go.

It has brought us closer.  We do a lot of activities together like hiking, cooking, cleaning, and watching TV (of course).  We have had to work with each through trials and triumphs.  The biggest thing is that we love on each other and have deep conversations. 

My daughter and her hubby on the other hand still have to work. My daughter works at the hospital and my son-in-love works in the food industry. It has been difficult to quarantine ourselves against them, but since we live side by side we practice social distancing in our yard.

I praise all the workers out there still providing us with essential services.

From what I understand this quarantine will last until the end of April. So, we still have one more show in May. 

We are excited to go and see you there.

Central Pa Fiber Festival

Dates: May 16-17 Saturday

Location: Hughesville, Pa at the Fairgrounds

Times:  Saturday 10 am- 5 pm, Sunday 10 am - 4pm


We hope to see you there.

Happy Yarning,






So far we are still on.


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