Upcoming Events, WIPs and New Colorways


Upcoming Events, WIPs and New Colorways

Half the year is over and the world is still turned upside down.  It's been full of emotional battles and even mindful breakthroughs.  But we still choose to move forward and make good from a tough situation.

I have never relied on my knitting so much to carry me through.  It's a meditation of sorts that allows me to clear my head.  Knitting allows me to rifle through emotions that would try to creep up into my daily living.  

Not today!  

I have noticed now more than ever that yarn is the fiber that connects us together.  We have created beautiful communities out of our love for fiber.  And that has allowed us to love and accept each other no matter where we stand.  

Why shouldn't it?  All of us have differing perspectives, differing experiences and we all have learned through our trials to live in love.  

Let's bring back the unity in our knitting/crocheting/fiber community.

Happy Yarning,


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