Our Newest Colorways- Hint of Fall

Hint Of Fall Colors 

Inspiration comes in many forms. These colors were inspired when my daughter, Ossi, worked at the clothing store, Maurices. She would come home with sweater colors that I wanted to start creating.  

What made it fun was that these colors had to be created with the dyes that I had.  They weren’t just contained to only one dye.  

I have been wanting to explore creating colors from various dye bases that I had.  This was my opportunity to dip my yarn in the water so to speak. 

Here is the lineup.


Northern Winds 

Pile Of Leaves

I have one more to add, but of course in keeping with my “one in left field” I have Shasta.  It’s a colorway that is sure to please and add a pop of color just when you need it. 



What colors are you attracted too ? 
Happy Yarning,



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