New Released Colorways from Lazy O Ranch

I can't hold it in any longer.  I have squashed this secret for 20 years plus.  I am going to admit it to you now.

My name is Dawn Shaffer and I love hip hop music.  There I said it and it felt fabulous.  

Right now I am listening to Christian hip hop like Andy Mineo and Lecrae.  (Go check them out.)  But before then I was into the '90's like Rumpshaker and House of Pain.  They bring back memories of my college years.  Eek!  That really dates me.  

Why would I be letting you in on this, you might be asking?  Some of our new releases are named after hip hop songs from Christian artists.  I thought that would kick my naming game skills up a notch.

Let the releasing begin.

Paisanos Wylin ( A song by Andy Mineo)

Judo Chop    (Another song by Andy Mineo)

Robin Egg 




Say Less



Happy Yarning,


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