This Will Put Your WIPs in the Limelight- Video

 This Will Put Your WIPs in the Limelight

Is your WIPs bundle at a standstill?  

If it is, I can feel your pain.  Currently, mine came to a screeching halt. I am ready to start removing those obstacles and jumpstart my knitting again.  

I will show you how to get moving. 

I did a current review of the projects that are on needles, projects I want to frog and use the yarn for something else and projects that I want to start now.

At times when my project pile is at a standstill I take a review of what it going on with my WIPs. Sometimes it's due to prioritizing your WIPs, or prepping your projects that you have on queue to get you motivated to finish others.  Sometimes you just need to frog others because you didn't like the style or color. 

I love moving forward so a review makes me happy.  It feels great to get rid of obstacles. 




Happy Yarning, DawnAurora

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