It’s A Wrap - 2023 Over View


2023 is a Wrap

What an amazing year! 
We enjoyed every show that we vended at this year.  The weather varied from being rainy to sunny, but we didn’t have to tackle a mini tornado or snow.  So, all in all, I would say is was perfect. 

I can’t can’t enough of the friends that we meet up with year after year and the new ones that we make. You make our shows possible. 

The energy of creativity that everyone gives off is so tangible. You can literally feel their vibes. 
I am so inspired by their inventiveness and creativity that I start so many new projects when I attend these shows. I mojo slacks off when I am away from my fellow yarnmates.

Thank you so much for coming out and visiting us.  

Here is a photo dump of some of our shows. 



I hope we meet up in 2024.  I can’t wait to see you!!


Happy Yarning,




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