Important News!

I am so excited to present this to you.

This year has been an odd year for everyone, but I truly understand the importance of trying to maintain a thread of normalcy.  Normalcy as we knew it doesn't exist.  I don't think it will come back, but as you make lemonade with lemons let us make a great thing out of uncertainty.

Let's cut to the chase.

I am introducing a virtual online video sessions to create your colorful canvas of yarn.

Your local yarn shops and fiber festivals are closed this season due to the restraints placed state wide.

The process:

  1. Email me to set an appointment 
  2. We will go through the yarn virtually
  3. I can help you play with color and create your masterpiece
  4. If you want to see the yarn under other lighting, we will happily accommodate

I am truly excited to help you out at this next level. 

Email me at to set up your appointment.

Happy Yarning,





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