I Finally Did it

Honestly, I have said this so many times through my knitting journey.  I said it when I made my first sock, my first shawl, my first i-cord shoulder/neck sweater.  There will always be firsts because there is so much to learn.

I have been wanting to spin up yarn for a pair of slipper socks. And yes, I finally did it. I fell in love with this purple roving. To show people how to use the drop spindle, I started to spin it up.  It turned out beautiful. 

I ended up keep the purple roving for myself. I just had to create a small knit project with it.

I decided to spin up some natural black Coopworth.  

I spun up my black with my spinning wheel because I wanted to hurry up and knit those socks.



I am definitely not well versed in the specifics of spinning.  I used a size 4 knitting needle and I was knitting any yarn weight from lace to worsted.  It was quite a knitting experience.

Here is the finished pair.  They are my favorite to wear with my crocks.  Nothing beats homespun slipper socks.

You will have to spin and knit your own.

Happy Yarning,


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