I can't Resist These Vibrant, Playful Colors

What colors do you want to add to your wardrobe?  Do you intentionally add those yarn colors when you shop?

My wardrobe is filled with blues, purples and greens.  I am intentionally filling it up with reds and yellows.  Orange is still on the back burner, but I will find that perfect orange that fits my skintone.

Yes, I am that picky when it comes to choosing my colors.  If it doesn't work well with my skin tone, I refuse to wear it.  What a shame it is to put a lot of hours into a project and not be able to wear it. I have been fortunate enough to gift some of those pretty sweaters.  It does make me very happy that others wear what I have made.

Here a some fun new colors that will go perfect in your wardrobe.



Vibrant and perfect for the summer months. It's great to wrap yourself in a shawl or light sweater in summer colors.  

Happy Yarning,



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