Knit Samples Reveal On Our New Colorways - Video

The Big Reveal:  Knit Samples with Our New Colorways

A great way to see new yarn colorways in action is to see how they work up.  A 8x6 square shows off the colorwork very well.  

I have new indie dyed yarn to share with you and then we will be going into the top 10 yarn colors of 2019 and spring 2020.  It's so much fun to see what is trending in terms of colors.

Lastly, I have started an "Ossi's Color Combo" segment.  Ossi is my assistant who helps me with yarn details.  Her color combos are very different than mine.  She leans towards earthy and dark.  I enjoy her color instinct and inspiration.  It helps me think out of my box.

Happy Yarning,

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