What is a Childhood Knitting, Yarn Rule that You Broke?

What is one rule that you grew up with that you do not agree with now when it comes to your knitting projects or hobbies?

I grew up with a lot of rules and I rebelled against everyone of them. It wasn't meant to be disrespectful against my parents.  My personality didn't fit into their idea of me.  I was like a square peg trying to get pushed through a circular hole.  It just didn't work. 

My mom is one of the most creative people I know.  I had 2 grandma's  and an aunt that loved everything crocheting, knitting and yarn.  So, my direction in life doesn't come as a surprise. 

I actually have 2 rules that I have rebelled against from my childhood. 

When it came to managing my projects that is where things got a little hairy.  My mom was one that finished pretty much everything she started and wouldn't start another project until the first one is done. 

She didn't enforce fully her way of thinking on me, but it came out in little ways. She wondered why I was working on something new.  She wondered why I had so many things going on at once and how could I leave a project for a new one.  She definitely let me know her style of working on projects. 

As I have gotten older and wiser I have come to realize that I am a polygamist knitter and not a monogamist.  Once I figured out exactly how I was built I felt so free.

The other rule I broke all the time is that I loved experimenting with different hobbies.  I enjoyed learning something new and figuring out how I could put my creative twist on it.  My mom thought besides having way to many started projects, she thought I had too many hobbies.  

My experimentation actually lead me to focusing and honing into my knitting skills.  I learned that through all the other creative techniques I have learned that knitting is my jam.  I haven't left since. 

What are some of the childhood rules that you have rebelled against now that you know exactly how you are built when it comes to your creativity?

Happy Yarning,


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