Working on My Golden Hour Shawl


Working On My Golden Hour Shawl

Can I get this shawl knit before the weather turns warmer?

This was one of my end of February goals.  I created a year long goal sheet of all the things that I wanted to knit up.  I have seen some knit a pair of socks a month, and others do a project.  My problem is that I create this beautiful list with detailed plans of where I should be on a given date, and I am like a raccoon with shiny object syndrome.  Something else gets my attention and I have to make and wear it right then and there.  Oh look, a squirrel!!

I, of course, did my classic 3 times a charm in the knitting of the 4th section of the shawl.  Once I found out that counting stitches is my best friend, I was able to run the next sections smoothly.  My tip with this pattern is with every increase row you right down the number of stitches that need to be on at the end of that row.  Also, make sure you have the same amount of stitches on either side of the middle.  Yes, at the infamous 4th section I had more stitches on one side than the other.  It would have turned out asymmetrical instead of symmetric.

Personal Note:  I hate counting stitches and I hate weaving ends.

Each section has its own design and in between the designs there is a cool and very easy textural divide.  

When the shawl isn't blocked it is so bulky, frumpy and very squishy.  I love it!  You just want to cocoon yourself in it away from the world.  But to achieve the stylish, cool look with a pair of jeans and hiking shoes, you need to block it.

If you love shawl patterns, this is definitely one to try out.

What are you working on right now?

Happy Knitting,

Dawn Aurora



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