Why yes Elton

Did you happen to create a list in 2023 of all the projects that you were going to make?  I did. I enjoy  finding the patterns, gathering the yarn and needle or hook into a project bag and placing in queue.  It’s almost as fun as knitting or crocheting up a the project.  Some would argue that it is their favorite part of the creative process.

Well, Elton was one of those projects.  (There are 3 more on queue, but I keep finding other beautiful ones that bump the other projects out). I had my yarn, pattern and knitting needles all set in a see through project bag.  

When I finished the Ciottolo (crochet) sweater, I went over to my stash and pulled out a project bag.  I will say, it was fun to pull one right off the shelf and not have to run around trying to pull a project out of a hat.  I had everything I needed all in one bag. My bag is so prepared that even my skeins are wound into cakes.

This leads me to the sweater I knit from one of these pull the rabbit out of the bag tricks.

Let’s visit the Elton Cardigan by Joji Locatelli. I enjoy the mixture of mohair and sock yarn used singularly in each row.  It creates a fun texture and a nice medium to play around with monotone colors, or solid and variegated colors mixed. 

For this Elton version I chose Gun Metal grey and September.  A mixture of solid and variegated.

I will say that initially the construction threw me off.  You start at the shoulders and work toward the back.  Then you hold those stitches and start construction on the front shoulders.  It’s so important to count to make sure your front neckline is in alignment. Ask me how I know.  I had to frog the whole thing 3 times before I got it right. Thank you knit stitch markers. 

Once I got through the initial construction it was almost smooth sailing from there.  There were a few hiccups, but they were mistakes on my part and not the pattern.

I encourage you to try the pattern.  The sweater is wonderful for the spring and summer months to throw something on that is perfect for those chilly evenings.

Happy Yarning,




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