What Color Did I Choose For My Wave of Change Jacket?

What color did I choose for my Wave of Change jacket?

My go-to colors are greens and blues?  This year I wanted to diversify my clothing portfolio and lean more towards certain shades of oranges, yellows and reds.

Those colors, for my complexion, have to be a certain shade in order to work with my skin tone.  

It did take me awhile to finally arrive at my chosen color?

What colors do you lean towards the most?  Do you like to venture out of your comfort zone at all or do you prefer to stay in your content range?

I was ready to venture out of my zone.  I have done it with a couple of sweaters and I love it.  My choose a sweater that matches my mood because I am not always in a blue or a green mood.  

(yes, I am still working on my Stonecrop Cardi, but I had to start this one.  I am so excited)

 Coral is the chosen.

What are your thoughts?

Happy Yarning,


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