What are 3 Things I Avoid in Knitting?

What are three things I avoid in knitting?

Can I be honest with you? There are some things in knitting that I avoid. I said it.  Yes, I avoid these things in knitting.  It's a rare occurrence because I love it so much.  

I am built with certain hang ups and the enjoyment of simplicity. My character flaws and conative styles dictate the direction of my knitting projects. I do wonder off into the unknown to give myself a little variation, but as soon as I wonder I quickly turn back. 

Here are the three things I avoid in knitting:

  1.  I avoid counting at all costs- I can't get away with counting a little, but I have a system that makes it so much easier for me to count and stay on track.  My system involves a lot of knit stitch markers.  They are my best friend.
  2. I avoid frogging projects- Frogging feels like back tracking.  I will frog a project if it has been on my needles for 5+ years and I have completely forgot about it.  But my projects are carefully thought out.  If there is a project that isn't meeting my standards, I give it away as a gift.
  3. And the last thing I avoid like the plague is swatching before knitting my project.  It's like an obstacle that I want to remove.  I can't get away with swatching, but I have reduced it to a minimal.  I stick to certain yarn weights that I use a lot and base it off of previous projects.  Therefore I don't have to keep creating swatches. 

What are 3 things you avoid in knitting or even crocheting?  I would love to hear what you have to say.

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