An Experience Of It’s Own- Trinus Shawl


An Experience All It’s Own- Trinus Shawl

My friend, Chris, did it again.  She knit up the Trinus Shawl by Ambah O’Brien.  Chris chose the colorways and true to form created a beautiful work of art.  I am grateful for both knitter and designer.  The shawl has received a lot of compliments.

The shawl is knit up in our sock weight yarn, using a size 5 long circular needle ( shawl is worked flat).  Chris chose playful, mindful and Cabernet.  

There is subtle variation in playful and mindful. That is what the designer was aiming for.  What really draws your eye is the pattern laid out by the rich Cabernet. 

This was a true creative endeavor. The Trinus Shawl isn’t just a piece of clothing; it is a tangible expression of friendship, creativity and love. I hope this post inspires you to seek out unique hand-dyed yarn and embark on your own knitting experience. 
Happy Yarning,


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