Timeless Style Cardigan- Free Pattern

I am so excited that you are joining me on this journey.  I have always enjoyed designing sweaters.  My first designs were of crocheted doilies and snowflakes.  I still have those patterns somewhere.  They are at least 25+ years old.  

Let's go through the whole pattern together and I  hope by the end of the pattern we will have this timeless style cardigan to wear for the fall and winter.  

Are you ready to join me?

Here are the details:

  1. Size 9 and 10 needles- 9 is for the ribbing and 10 is for the stockinette stitch.
  2. Yarn- Heavy worsted weight or 3 ply bulky - I don't know how many skeins you would need. 
  3. Gauge: 15 sts/ 4 inches (worsted weight) 14 sts/ 3 ply bulky
  4. Stitches you need to know: Decrease, knit, purl, and Knit f/b

Videos will follow.  I will let you know when I post the next set of directions.

Happy Yarning,
Dawn Aurora




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