This Childs Sized Sweater is So Easy -Video

Easy Child's Sweater Pattern

Oh Christmas list, you are so full of projects that are enthusiastic.  My hands are bulking  at the list, but wait I have a solution.  Bulky weight yarn is your new best friend.  

You can whip up and quick hat, fingerless mitts, cowl, and comfy sweaters with bulky weight yarn. 

I am knitting up one for my 11 year old son.  I started Saturday night and probably have about 5 hours into it.  I already have his body and 1 sleeve done

I am at a standstill because I need his body to measure out the length of his arms and make sure the torso length is where he wants it. Since, I am planning on knitting him up another one, I need to write the directions down.  

This is a bottom up sweater with raglan sleeves and a u-neck.  It has a couple racing stripes. He wanted the blue incorporated in the sweater, so I went simple.  Racing stripes fit his personality.  

Oren Sweater

Details- You need

  • Size 10 and 11 needles
  • 500 yards of bulky weight yarn. If you want racing stripes, it would be 1 skein of your chosen color at 125 yards. and the rest the main color. 
  • Size medium- I will get the exact measurements when it's completely done

 Cast on 80 sts on the round

Row 1- (Ribbing)  K1, P1 around to the end.  

Keep repeating this k1, p1 pattern for the next 6 rows

Row 7- Knit plain on the round for the next 22 rows.

Row 23- change colors for 2 rows of the other colored yarn.

Row 24 & 25- Knit plain in contrasting color

Row 26- 29 - Knit plain using main color

Row 20- 43- Knit plain in contrasting color




This sleeves start with a snug cuff.  If you want a larger cuff, add a couple more stitches.

Cast on 18 stitches on the round

Row 1- (RIbbing) K1, p1 around to the end.

Keep repeating this rib pattern for the next 6 rows.

Row 7- Knit plain around.

Row 8- (Place marker- this helps to establish point at which you will start increasing stitches. ) Knit 2 m1 left.  knit around to 1 stitch before the marker. M1 right and knit last stitch.

Row 9- 11- Knit 3 rows plain and repeat Row 8.

Keep repeating rows 8 and 9 until you have 36 stitches on your needles.




( I had to frog some of the yarn in the sleeve because I forgot the stripes) 

Now it's time to attach the sleeves to the body.  Leave 5 sts on the sleeve and body for the seam.  Choose the 5 sts on the sleeve where you made the sleeve increases.  Line the 5 sts on the body with the 5 sts on the sleeve and put the rest of the stitches on your circular knitting needle.

Lets get started with the raglan.

Row 43- Next row knit plain. 

**Place a marker in between the first and last stitch of the sleeve and body.  This is where you decrease knitting up your raglan. 

**Make your first stitch marker a different color so you can tell the beginning of the row. 


 Row 46- *K1,  ssk2tog knit to 3 stitches before the next marker, k2 tog, k1, sm; repeat to first marker.

Row 47- Knit plain all the way around.  Make sure to slip your marker.

You will have 11 decrease rows.  Total of 44 decreased stiches

Repeat row 46 and 47 until you have ___ stitches left on your needles. 

Sleeves 7 sts left on the needles

Front and back 13 sts left on the needles

Neck Shaping is next. 

 Knit to the middle of the back stitches and place a stitch marker.  I had 6 stitches on one side and 7 on the other.

R1- knit 4, wrap the 5th stitch, turn.

R2- Slip the wrapped stitch to your right needle.  Purl 4 past the marker., wrap the 5th stitch, turn. 

R3- Slip the stitch to the right needle, knit 4 past the wrapped stitch, wrap the 5th stitch and turn.

R4- Slip the wrapped stitch to the right needle, purl 4 past the last wrapped stitch, wrap the 5th stitch and turn.

R5- Slip the wrapped stitch to the right needle and knit to the beginning row stitch markers.

From the stitch markers start your ribbing.

Ribbing- K1, P1 for 6 rows and bind off.

Seam under the sleeves and weave in the ends.


Happy Knitting,



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