The Next Generation Is Joining The Fun

How many generations in your family know how to knit or crochet?

I  taught both my girls  and one likes to knit, the other crochet.  They found what fiber therapy works for them.


My boys....

My oldest son dabbles with crochet.  He never really ran with it, but I am grateful that he knows that he can pick it up and run with it if he has to.

Well, my baby boy started of spinning with a drop spindle and has worked his way up to knitting.  He enjoys creating ginormous bulky weight yarn.  He hasn't caught on to how to draft.  He is actually pretty good and has spun enough to knit something fun with his endeavor. 


Now the way I taught him wasn't through the regular channel of me sitting alongside of him and taking him under my wing and allowing him to fly when the time was right.

No, this is how he was taught.  He watched me make a video on beginning knitting and he watch the video again without me.   When he learned from that I knew then that my video wasn't half bad. LOL! 

Needless to say I was happy to put my video on youtube knowing that it already served its's purpose. 


Have you passed on your fiber love to your kids?  What did you pass on?

Happy Yarning,





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