The Harlow Sweater

My Harlow Sweater 

I have been looking for just the right sweater pattern for my daughter.  Her stature and style are quite a bit different from mine, so I was looking for a pattern that was similar to the sweater styles that I’ve seen her wear.

I spotted this sweater pattern floating around Instagram and I snatched it.  Of course, I made sure that she liked it first. She agreed. I agreed and the deal was done.

My first impression of the pattern wasn’t great.  I enjoyed a lot of pics and this didn’t have any except for the top photo of the sweater. But as I ambled through the directions and knitted it out, the directions were written very well.  I could follow through without any problems.

It stretch my limits with some of the construction techniques.  I was so happy to learn so much more and build my knitting repertoire.

An I-cord was used to construct the back and the shoulders then you joined the entire body once you hit a certain length.  I absolutely love that detail.  

Another new to me detail was the construction of the v-neckline.  I am so used to doing it a certain way of overlapping the v-neck area that I have never knit one flush.  Also, extended the neck longer so that you fold it over to create a beautiful collar.

Here is the finished sweater.


 If you are on the fence about the pattern, jump the fence.  It is well worth it.

Happy Yarning,



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