The Dougie Sweater

Are you looking for a knit sweater project that you can snuggle in on a chilly evening?  

I found the ultimate snuggle sweater.

Now, always that hardest part of the project; choosing the right colors.  Even though it’s spring, I can’t get away from fall colors.  It is quite a struggle to accept my fall mood.  I want spring and bright, but my eyes are saying burgundy’s and brown.

Once I started to knit I knew that I was on the right path.  

The directions on the pattern are simple and straight forward.  I would highly recommend it to a beginner and intermediate knitter.  There are a couple areas where the directions that you need to do are overlapping. Meaning that as you are working on a certain portion of the body you’ll also be working on another portion at the same time. First, read through the directions and get a good idea of what is happen then you should have everything under control. 

I made one small adjustment to the pattern. Because of body style (smaller back) I shortened the length of the sweater.  If you choose to make your sweater shorter, make sure that the body part at the end has the correct amount of stitches.

I am using my DK weight farm yarn with 250 yards in each skein.

Here is the link to the pattern. Douglas Cardi.

Happy Knitting,





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