My go to Heel Construction Pattern

What Is My Go-To Heel Construction Pattern

Last month I posted a picture of my hand knit socks.  So many of you wanted to know what heel pattern I used.

Let me back things up a bit.  

There are so many heel patterns for socks out there. I have tried the Afterthought heel, but there is also the Short Row Heel, Fish Lips Kiss Heel, Shadow Wrap Heel, and Forethought Heel. These are only a few examples.

Like I said, I have tried the Afterthought Heel.  It was okay, but I wasn’t happy with the feel of the heel.  It was tight, too short and I did the directions exactly like they were written.  It doesn’t really show in the pic, but it wasn’t a very clean construction.  I don’t know if it has to do with me using DK weight farm yarn.

My go-to, tried and true heel and will forever be my heel construction pattern is the Classic Sock pattern by Renaissance Yarns.  I have knit all my socks, except for that one pair (BTW I gifted it to my hubby), with this pattern. 

As you can see this  pattern is used so much that some of the words are worn off the paper.  I had to tape the lettering to protect it.  Also, the pattern started to tear, so tape came in handy again.

I am going to play around and try other heel constructions, but I this is the one I will always turn back to .

What heel construction do you use?  I would love to know.  What heel construction to you suggest I try next?  Challenge me =)

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