My Experience Knitting 2 Stonecrop Cardi's At the Same Time

Experimenting comes with knitting and crocheting.  You experiment with colors, yarn, patterns and anything else that comes with knitting and crocheting.  It's an on going process that constantly evolves and is ever changing.

I have told you about my Stonecrop Cardi debacle. (link here) I wanted to knit up a DK weight yarn version and a sock yarn weight version at the same time.  I felt it would alleviate some the of obstacles I encounter when I knit up a second project. 

I would say that so far everything is going as planned.  The body and yoke are the easy tasks on both.  What I haven't thought about until now is being stuck on sleeve island. I hope it's not as painful as it sounds. 

This is my sock weight version. Spicy is the main color and the other color is Clarity.

This is my DK weight version.  I am knitting it up with my farm yarn.  The main color is gun metal and the other color is coral.

What I am going to do it when I get to the sleeves I am going to finish one sweater at a time.  I will completely knit up one and even weave my ends and then finish up the other.    

Anything I encounter within the pattern itself, I am going to have well documented notes, high lights and if I am feeling especially motivated I will create a video of that obstacle.  

The last thing I want to do is frog out a bunch of rows because I didn't learn my lesson the first time. 

Happy Yarning,

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