Knit Stitch Marker Hacks - Video

Knit Stitch Marker Hacks

When I first started knitting I never paid attention to counting my stitches, counting my rows and I never used a knit stitch marker. One day I decided to knit up a sock and I soon realized that I had to use a marker. It was the only way I could keep the pattern straight.

I never turned back. Once I started using them I also started counting my stitches and rows. All of a sudden I took my knitting very seriously. It was like I up-leveled my game once I acquired these tiny things.  They were that powerful. Who knew!

Well, I have a video for you. Through my many years of knitting I have discovered ways to use these markers that have literally transformed the way I knit. They've made my knitting life to much easier.


Are there ways you use your knitting markers that are different than mine. I would love to hear. Comment below.

Happy Yarning,



  • Hey Chrissy,
    hahaha! Yes better than pen and paper, but I still use pen and paper. Have a hard time staying on track.

    Dawn Shaffer
  • That was very interesting. Better than a pen and paper to count the rows. Thanks Dawn


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