I'm Gonna Have To Set My WIPs Aside

My Works In Progress


How many works in progress do you have right now?  

On any given day I normally have around 4 to 5.  I know.  That is on the low end.  I used to have more like 10 going on at a time.  I soon realized that I wanted to be a knitter that finished projects.  So, I changed the way I handled my yarn.

I have heard people say that have around 45- 50.

Isn't that crazy?  Not unless it was you then my hats are off.  

When I start a project, I can see myself wearing it.  The end goal is my north.  As long as I can maintain that then knitting of it comes easily.

So, at this moment, I only have 2 WIPs going on.  They both use sock weight yarn and the knitting is tedious.  After knitting the Golden Hour Shawl (by Andrea Mowry) that used worsted weight, I want to have another worsted weight project that knits up super fast and is fun.

This weekend I cruised around the Interweb and came across some crop top cardigans that had a lot of color work.  They were gorgeous, but guess what?  They were knit using sock weight yarn.  

Am I going to have to create my own project?

I found some of my hand spun yarn that I did many years ago.  They had a project attached to it, but I got as far as spinning.  (Both below are bulky weight yarn)

Then I found a hand spun project that I started 10 years ago.  The cables are gorgeous, but it called for worsted weight yarn and it wasn't turning out as I expected.  

I think it's time to frog this and make something great with my hand spun. 

I thought about using some of my mill spun Coopworth yarn, but I think it will be fun knitting up a crop top with loads of colorwork with my hand spun yarn.  

My goals is to:

  • Use up my hand spun, so I can spin up more (hence, using my stash)
  • Make it a crop top cardigan
  • Create a lot of easy colorwork patterns
  • Have also layers of texture
  • Write up a pattern (try my best)
  • Get it knit up in 2 weeks

LOL!  Is this goal accomplishable?

Happy Yarning,


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