I have a Knit Project For You- Video


I have a Knit Project For You

I am so excited to share this with you.

I knew what I wanted to knit, but I was having a hard time figuring what designer to check out .

Well, my IG and FB friends really came through.
I did make my choice and it was hard.

Here is a huge list of shawl patterns for you to check out.

Kline- Jennifer Dassau
Phi- Jennifer Dassau
Yorkshire Meadow- Jennifer Lassonde
Love of Spiders- Melanie Berg
Summer Camp- Laura Aylor
Felicitious- Alyssa Coffey
Ebbas Garden- Joji Locatelli
Pure Joy- Joji Locatelli
Daybreak- Stephen West
The Girl from the Grocery Store- Joji Locatelli
Therapy- Laura Aylor
Bojagi- Knitboop
The Drifter- Tamy Gore
Match and Move- Martina Behm
Cladonia- Kirsten Kapur
Newletter- Shannon Sq
Teroldego- Caitlin Hunter
Frozen Wildflower Shawl- Hand Knit by Kam

Happy Knitting,


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  • Do you show crochet projects too?

    Lynne Dethample

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