Progress on the Wave of Change Jacket

I wanted to explore other knitwear designers and I came upon this Wave of Change jacket pattern by Denise Bayron.  

Her classic style speaks to me.  These are designs that I see lasting the test of time and  I'm down for that. 

I bought and immediately printed out the pattern.  I couldn't wait to get started.  It's knit up in bulky weight with size 10 knitting needles.  This was going to be a super fast knit.

It took me 1 month before I could start knitting her up.  I had my yarn, pattern and knitting needles all ready to go for this delicious moment.  

We had a camping trip planned for the end of the month.  This became my camping project.  I was planning on doing a lot of napping, swimming, kayaking, eating of course knitting.  I couldn't wait.  Since I organized all the needles, yarn, pattern in a specific project box, all I had to do was grab and go.  (you can watch my video on how to organize your stash here.)  

And just as I predicted, this sweater was going to knit up super fast and easy.  Her pattern is nicely written out, so easy to understand.  She writes her patterns out like a letter that is speaking directly to you.  It's so personal.   

If this is your style, I highly suggest this pattern.  I knit everything up except the sleeves in 4 days.  That is how fast and easy it is.

Happy Yarning,




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