Have you lost your knitting or crocheting Mojo?

This past spring and summer I was on knitting fire.  I was getting my WIPs (works in progress) done so fast that they looked like they launched themselves off my needles.  It was so much fun.  

The thought of the pandemic was daunting, but my knitting projects got me through.   After 6 months of knitting I started to slow down.  

This couldn't be happening.  September to April are my given knitting months.  I have so many sweaters, shawls and socks I want to get done. 

My mojo decided to fly the coop.  I wanted to figure out how to get and back and with some experimentation, I did.

I came up with 6 tips to help get you mojo back and here they are:

  1. Looking at pictures of your knit or crochet pleasure-  Also, I purchase knitting magazines.  The magazines dictate the rabbit hole I will fall down into and no more.  Now, if I were to get into Ravelry, that would be a 4-hour rabbit hole.  So, I my visits to Ravelry are limited.
  2. Organizing your stash-  When you organize your stash, you are still involved with your yarn.  You can still squeeze, smell and look.  You can dress your stash area up with fancy bins, neat organizing racks and see through bags and shelving.  
  3. Changing your knit or crochet location- I do this frequently.  Just changing spots in my house or going to a library gets me excited about knitting.  I love knitting in different locals.
  4. Writing your knit or crochet goals down- I am a very goal oriented gal.  Once a deadline is in place, I am off and running with my project.  I know that some do not like deadlines, so you may have to tweak this tip to meet your needs.
  5. Surround yourself with other knitters or crocheters- This is sure to get you going again.  Their vibe will literally rub off on you and your will want to get your projects out.
  6. Learn new knitting or crochet techniques- Learning something new always gets me excited.  Once I learn something new, I want to apply it to a project.  So, it helps bump me out of my funk.

I hope this will help you out. 

Share your ways on how you get your mojo back.

Happy Yarning,




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