Just the Right Shawl Pattern

This is Just The Right Shawl Pattern

I think I found a shawl pattern that you would love. You don't have to count stitches or rows, switch colors.  The color transition is contained in your skein.

There is a dye method that I use that leans towards pooling.  Some people like it and some don't.  

I am more of a random variegated person myself. I don't use a lot of pooling dye styled yarns. 

But, at a show my friend, Sharon, was wearing this unique shawl.  She said that it used an assigned pooling dye method to create the florets in the shawl.  
I thought it was so perfect.  I had quite a few colorways that were perfect for this shawl.  

After the show I immediately set out to start knitting up  this pattern.  

It is called the Float Shawl Pattern by Chasing Rabbits Fiber.  

Here are my colorways that work perfectly with this shawl pattern.




Happy Yarning,




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  • Hi Dawn, I was at the Endess Mountains fiber festival in Sept 2023 and saw the float shawl samples you had made with your lovely yarn. I bought several of your skeins and I’m getting ready to start my own float shawl with your Paris colorway. The samples you had at the show, how many skeins did you use to make them?


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