Tips to Help You Knit/Crochet Through the Summer

You don't need to lay your needles or hooks down when warm weather hits.  

When summer arrives, most of us put our knit or crocheting back into the bag where it waits until the crisp weather of fall to be let out. 

My needles are still clicking even when the weather gets warm,  I am still playing around with fiber through the whole summer. 

Knitting is my therapy.  When I take my knitting out to the front porch, camping, out to the crick when my family goes fishing.   My knitting travels with me still. 

Here are some fun summer knits that you could work on at this time, tank tops, headbands, shrugs, cowls, airy sweaters and sarongs to name a few.

These tips will help keep your hands on those needles or hooks:

  • Wash your hands with cold water before knitting/crocheting
  • Sit in an air conditioned room when available
  • Knit or crochet with cotton or a lighter weight wool yarn such as fingering
  • Stick with smaller projects that don't need a lot of lap room
  • Knit or crochet projects that aren't so dense in stitches.  This helps keep it light

What tips do you use to keep creating?

Happy Yarning,

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