Knitting Another Knockout Hugshot Shawl

Knitting A Knockout Hugshot Shawl

It's one thing to find an amazing pattern, but it's another thing to find the perfect colors that show off your uniqueness.  Color in my book is where it is at.  I am all about it.  

The first one I knit up I used  magenta and layup. Those colors fit her to a T.  She is a breast cancer survivor and so her color is pink.  This is the perfect pink for her. I was so happy to make this for her that it took me a week to knit it up and she loved it. 

Here she is with her 2 of her 4 grandkids. 

It’s an easy pattern to knit, but you really have to concentrate on making sure that each row has the correct number of stitches.  I know.. I know.. That is a norm, but not for all patterns.  Some patterns I can fudge my way through.  This one I couldn't especially if I wanted to create that amazing texture the way it's supposed to be.  

I will say honestly that counting is not my strong suit.

I am thinking about doing a third one but I definitely need to wait one more year before I do it.  I get bored pretty quick.  Well, I couldn't help it with the Hug Shot shawl.  This pattern is so much fun and so easy to knit up.  

The 2 colors used for the second shawl are dark denim and soft ripple.  They pair up so nice.  

I started this shawl in August and I am finally getting done with it. I thought for sure I’d have it done at the end of August beginning of September but my knitting mojo left me in the dust.  (here is a post on how to get your mojo back)

Here is the final countdown. 


And there she is.  

If you enjoy the color combination here is the direct link. Dark Denim and Soft Ripple. 

Happy Yarning,


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