I Cheated On This Knitted Project

 I Cheated On This Knit Project

You heard me right. I cheated and I don’t feel guilty. The only part I feel guilty about is that I wished I did it sooner.

I have had this shawl in queue for a long time, but never had a chance to make it.  See, there is a stitch used in this  shawl that I have never done before. It’s the brioche stitch.

Is it time for me to learn?  I do think so, but I had a wonderful opportunity to have my friend,the designer of this shawl, knit this up for me. (Heart emoji!!)

Chris Snellman designed and created this shawl.  She is a teacher in real life for the blind and a teacher at heart.  She loves to watch her students grow and learn.

Chris also has extended her talent to helping other yarn vendors improve their booth with beautiful samples of knitted shawls, or sweaters.  I am so grateful for her help.

She created  my Books and Bridges shawl from the combination of dark denim and soft ripple. 

As I said before she was so considerate to knit up one of her designs for me. I encourage you to check out her  Books and Bridges Shawl on ravelry. 

This is Chris and I at the Frederick Fiber Festival  in Frederick, MD.  

Side note:  The Frederick show was a wonderful show.  If you have a chance to visit it, come in and say hello.  The show dates for this year are spring show is April 27 and the fall show is October 26.


I use dark denim and soft ripple for this shawl.  The contrast really brought out the colors of the soft fade. 

Happy Yarning,




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