A Timeless Cardigan Design

Another dream that I have always wanted to accomplish is creating knitwear that was easy to read and knit up. I've always imagined myself in a cottage house up in the loft, designing and writing out a pattern.  My dog, Nellie, would be right at my feet keeping me company. (I have a pretty active imagination.)

Well, after knitting up the Wave of Change Jacket I had this urge to create a fun crop or long cardigan in bulky or my 2 ply worsted weight yarn. 

I never was one to use a lot of worsted and bulky weight yarn because they don't have a lot of drape.  I have sold a lot of this yarn to customers wanting to knit or crochet up hats and handmitts. But with the right ply, softness of yarn, and size of needle you can create something drapey and feminine.  

For this sweater I chose 3 ply superwash merino yarn in Coral.  Coral has been my summer color of choice.  It's so pretty and the yarn is super soft.

It's a seamless, top-down design and the neck and body ribbing is done in one sitting.  

I am pretty excited to share this simple pattern with you.  I am creating a private Facebook group to work on each section. This group with critique my pattern verbiage and help me make the pattern even better.  If you want to be part of the group, message me with the messenger icon on the homepage and I will get you in.

This shows the easy progression of the pattern. 

Happy Yarning,
Dawn Aurora




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