A Sweep of Great Drama with These Colors

A Sweep of Great Drama with These Colors


What are you in the mood  to knit?

I am in the mood for a lightweight, brightly colored shawl with some lacework or different texture.  After getting some help from my IG and FB friends, I decided on a shawl pattern, Albuquerque Sunset by Casapinka.

It has the right amount of everything and I am so excited  to cast on.

The next step is to choose the yarn.  This is my favorite part.  

Are you looking for the perfect yarn combo for your shawl?

Let's get started.

Confetti and Platinum

Cabernet and Mosaic

Magenta and Lay Up 


Aubergine and Run Wild

At Last and Wildflower

Robin Egg and Paisanos Wylin

Are you already working on a shawl project?  Let me know below.

Happy Yarning,


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