A Perfect Sweater Pick-me-UP

A Perfect Sweater Pick-me-Up


I have knit 4 of these sweaters so far.  I can see more on the horizon.  

I blogged about this pattern before and if you are looking to knit up your first sweater and want an easy pattern to read, this is the one.  

I have knit up one with the waves and the other 3 without. Two of these sweaters were gifts and stripes aren't their thing.  

I personally love this sweater both ways.

Here are my 4 .

This first sweater is a gift for my daughter.  I am a bit reluctant to give it up because this Midnight colorway to gorgeous.  I am going to have to make myself a sweater in this color. 

This sweater is in the colorway coral.  Coral is not one of my normal colors, but I took a chance at going out of my color comfy zone.  I love this color now. 

 This is dark rose.  This is another color that I wasn't sure of.  I wanted to break out of my normal again and here she is.  Another color love.

 And last, but not least is this beauty that I knit up for my mom.  This color is perfect on her and she was so happy to receive it. 

(My mom wouldn't pose with her sweater)


You won't go wrong with this pattern.  If you are looking for a more relaxing simple patter, this is one for you.  I will definitely be knitting up more in the future. 

Happy Yarning,


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